Friday, October 5, 2012

ca. 1920 Carroll Porteous played football at Libertyville with no shoulder pads!

Periodically I revisit my images on my computer just to see if there are any more pictures I can identify as my research advances. So when I came across these pictures, I had to chuckle to myself. I knew I had these pictures of my dad and his high school football team, but I hadn't see them for awhile. The pictures are possibly sometime around 1918 to 1922. My dad, Carroll L. Porteous, went to Libertyville Township High School when the Brainerd building was the high school building. 

I also attended that high school. By the time I was there it had consolidated with Fremont Township and was called Libertyville Fremont High School. I spent freshman year in the Brainerd building and sophomore year in the bigger, modern Butler Lake building a 15-minute walk west on Route 176, Libertyville, Illinois.

I'm an ice hockey fan -- not a football fan, but I sure am a fan of my dad and his football uniform. Dad played in several sports in high school: football, baseball, and track. I don't know about basketball since his nickname was "Shortie," so I'm not sure he played. Family story: he set some track records that were still standing when I started high school in 1959. I never checked it out when I was there.

HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED... equipment has changed! Just look at those helmets... what a hoot! There was no consistent type of helmet from one player to another. The pants, too cool! These guys were tough! Compared to the uniforms of today...well...there is no comparison. 

Looking at them again...what a hoot!

I can't identify any of the players other than the guy who will catch the hike... that's my dad.

Anyone see my shoulder pads? 

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