Friday, March 22, 2013

at RootsTech 2013 - I am one of 6700+

RootsTech 2013 is BIG! I am overwhelmed with this conference. At the general session which opens the conference, there was standing room only in a hall that holds several thousand people. There was an announcement that 6700 people had preregistered, about 2000 children signed up for a Saturday session, and no telling how many people will walk in for a day trip. That's BIG! 

Monday, March 18, Bob and I took an AMTRAK train out from Naperville, Illinois. We reserved a sleeper. It is a little more expensive, but we had our own bathroom, beds, and the meals were all included. The trip starts out about 2:30 p.m., a couple hours later we were going across the Mississippi River where we had the pleasure of many bald eagles perched on the trees at river's edge. By the time it was dark, we were cruising through Iowa and Nebraska. We went to bed knowing the best was yet to come. Day break our train was in Denver getting  an engine that would take the grades up into the mountains.

Having breakfast as we climbed the east side entering the "tunnel district" which was a 30-mile stretch of about 27 tunnels of various lengths. The longest was across the Continental Divide -- 6 miles. There was a lot of snow on the mountains and in a distance you can see the ski trails or tubbing. The weather was beautiful, partly cloudy, but sunny. I would recommend this trip through the Rockies any day.

Our train winded its way through valleys and canyons and along the Colorado River for many miles from a narrow river to fairly wide. Our last canyon in Colorado was the Ruby Canyon then we were in Utah. Dinner time on the high desert. Our train came into Salt Lake City station about 45 minutes early, about 34 hours since we left. 

I decided to come in a day before RootsTech 2013 so I could spend a full day at the Family History Library. I had a few things to check on and came away with a few discoveries, too. My husband who isn't interested in genealogy or family history, went to Trolley Square to visit Sam Weller's book store. He spent some time there looking for old books on Ernest Hemingway. Then until we were suppose to meet for dinner, he walked around SLC getting to know downtown.

Today, Thursday was the first day of the conference. As I said before there were a lot of people there. The classes were packed. The vendor hall was packed. The ladies rooms were packed. But nobody cared because we were all there to learn more about our hobby and technology. It was wonderful, exhausting, and rewarding.

After the conference closed down, there were a couple things for us to do. A reception at the Leonardo museum, a trip to the Family History Library, a concert at the Tabernacle, or just collapse in your room. We went to the concert.

Now I'm collapsing as I type this... I'm hitting the pillows. Tomorrow is another full day.

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  1. Thanks for sharing that, Karen. Interesting travel choice. I've always wondered about that option but never took it. I've always wondered whether I'd really be able to sleep on a train. Sounds like you had a great trip. And, of course, judging from all the online buzz, RootsTech is a can't-miss event!