Thursday, September 12, 2013

Corrections! I'm grateful for this chance to correct a posting

I appreciate it so much when someone sends me corrections to what I have written in my postings or my research. It doesn't happen that often, but when it does... I'm so grateful because what I want most is to be accurate. I have corrected what she has told me. You can go to that post about William D. Rosser and the Spanish War and I have put a red "*" where I made corrections. 

This message was from William D. and Elizabeth Rosser's granddaughter! It can be found at the bottom of that posting. This was unexpected, welcomed, and yet quietly hoped for since I don't have that much information about this family. I have written back to her with my thanks for her help. I am looking forward to corresponding with her. There are so many questions yet to be answered.

William D.'s wife Elizabeth is descended from my great grandfather August F. Buschick and Catherine Wylie, his first wife. I am descended from his second wife Susan Fowler. That makes their granddaughter, my "half" second cousin twice removed? or something like that.

Because August's "first" family isn't really a direct line, I never made it a priority in my research of my mom's side. Never the less, I am interested in putting those families together. It's hard not to be interested since I grew up hearing those names mentioned fondly by my mom and her sisters at family gatherings and funerals. 

I guess the curiosity dwells in all of us family historians. We just can't stop looking for more family!

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