Friday, January 1, 2016

Clarification on Boom Boom...

For years the cannon was only shot off to bring in the New Year, but one summer’s night it was another story...

Family stories always have a "shred" of truth and the previous story I told "They Called Him Boom-Boom" is how I "thought" it happened from what I remember. Most of it did, but today my brother told me the cannon wasn't normally used to bring in the new year.  I thought it was.

My brother did verify that dad shot off his shotgun to bring in the new year. 

Another thing he mentioned...he didn't remember being called Boom Boom. To this I said, I remember our neighbor who called the cops dubbing him that and my dad saying that, too. But after all it was almost 60 years ago, so anything could be true as we "remember it."  Maybe it was the way I wanted it to have happened. Anyway, I just wanted to clarify.

Thanks to my brother for clarifying also.

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