Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I Thought I Threw It Out

My ornament isn't much to look at. It is very plain. It is paper thin and feather light. The color is gold and is wearing thin; in some spots it is nonexistent. I love it though. It was my grandma Porteous's and more than likely from around 1895.

Bob and I emptied our china cabinets and packed everything away. We were having our living room and dining room floors done. We didn't unpacked anything until we painted the two rooms several months later. Just before Christmas, everything was put back into the cabinets. All the containers emptied and packing paper thrown out.

Only one item was missing from the display in our larger cabinet. I had the leaf stand, but not my ornament! I felt so bad and a little empty. I thought we threw it out with the paper since it was so light weight. Bob assured me we didn't and said I probably just put it someplace safe and didn't remember where. For a couple months now every time I thought about the ornament, I'd look in drawers, containers, and small boxes, but didn't find it. Now it is middle of February and I was still wondering where is it.

Well, today I was in the dining room, just standing there for no reason I could think of. I have no idea why...maybe it was fate. I walked over to the big china cabinet and stared at some of my crystal dishes. I looked at my dried bridal bouquet in the large crystal snifter and saw some wadded newspaper under the bouquet. What in the world was that doing in there? Well, low and behold, there it was. I had put grandma's ornament in there for safe keeping! I quickly unwrapped it and replaced it on the stand. I thought I had lost it, but again it is safe and sound in my china cabinet. I feel better now.

Grandma Porteous's Christmas ornament. It is very thin and extremely light weight.
I believe the ornament is from around 1895.
The only thing not that old is the neck, ring, and holder.

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