Sunday, December 2, 2012

Grandma Porteous shook JFK's hand, but voted for Nixon!

Now that the Presidential elections are over and the dust has settled, I found an image of a newspaper article showing my grandma Porteous on voting day Nov. 8 1960. That was the last election she voted. The clipping isn't in the best of condition so the image is a little faded, but you can read the caption clearly describing the 91-year-old voter.

Mrs. Carrie Porteous of Mundelein (carrying the ballot)
prepares to cast her ballot at Mundelein's Lincoln School in Tuesday's election.
Mrs. Porteous was born in Fremont Township and has lived in the Mundelein area all her life.
John F. Kennedy was elected president. Grandma was so proud; she voted for Richard Nixon. I didn't get to vote because I was in high school. 

Story has it Kennedy's motorcade was coming through Mundelein, past our house on Maple Ave. The children from the school next door would stand out in front to wave. Grandma was asked to be out front of the house to wave, too. She was one of the oldest voters in town so hopefully he would have stopped to solicit her vote -- as the story goes

Grandma was out front waiting for the Kennedy motorcade. He did come by and he did stop. One of his aides came over to ask grandma if it was okay for Kennedy to shake her hand. As the story goes... grandma said she would shake his hand, but she wasn't going to vote for him! And she pointed to her label where the Nixon button was!

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