Saturday, December 15, 2012

1949 – The best Christmas ever!

I can't recall everything that happened when I was four, but looking at some old pictures of that Christmas brings back some warm feelings of the best Christmas ever!

My brother John and I meet with Santa at the Wieboldt's department store (1949, downtown Chicago, Illinois).
They had the real Santa and I got to talk to him! I pulled his beard and it didn't come off! That proved it to me.

I can't remember what I asked for, but I'm pretty sure it was a doll with lots of clothes. I loved to dress dolls in pretty clothes. My mother made many sets for me. They were so pretty. She was a seamstress who saved all the scraps of fabric from wedding dresses, house dresses, and any other items she crafted for other people. Mom would then make a pattern for an outfit for my dolls. 

I wished I had saved more of my there are just memories and a few pictures. 


My beautiful lady doll with clothes was under the tree. I recall it was dressed in a light pink taffeta gown with a beautiful hat just like the bridesmaid's outfit mom made earlier that year. I don't have the doll anymore. It was destroyed in my parents' house fire early 1970s. Under the tree there was a play set of dishes and other items for a play kitchen. There were more dolls, too.

These pictures bring back memories of my dolls and their gorgeous homemade outfits, but the best part of this Christmas Day was what Santa left for me. It was downstairs in the kitchen!


Santa brought me a kitchen cabinet! I was so excited when I saw it – now I could cook and play house just like my mom! It had a little electric stove, a goose-neck lamp, and a sink (no water hook-up). Santa left me dishes and little pots and pans. Santa even remembered to leave a cookbook I could make stuff from, and later when I was able to actually came from my grandma.

A little tattered 64-yr-old cookbook. That little stove is the exact one I got from Santa!
The book even had a brother to help (or hinder) just like I had.

"Susie likes to play house. She has a family of dolls. She has a little table and chairs. She has a set of little dishes. And she has a really-truly little electric stove, with a set of little pots and pans! 'Now I must learn to cook!' said Susie, the first time she saw her new little stove." Oh my, I could be just like Susie!

I attempted to make them all with my little pots and pans. What fun. I don't remember if anyone ate anything I made, but I did have fun. The "Pixie's Delights" are actually "S'mores."

My dad was a carpenter and cabinet maker. He made my cabinet for me out of scraps of wood he had from various jobs. I watched him make it; he told me it was for someone else. I wished it were to be mine. On Christmas Day, I didn't care who made it because I knew Santa had asked dad make it for ME

I played with it a lot. As I grew taller, dad would raise it up with a frame of wood at the bottom to fit my size. A few years later the cabinet was moved to the basement room where mom did her canning and I set up a little house. 

I played with it until I discovered boys! Then it was neglected until I rescued it for my daughter's fun, but she didn't play with it as I had. I thought maybe Emily my granddaughter would like to play with the cabinet when she was old enough, but she didn't. The one grandchild who did love it was Martin who spent hours out on our porch making "porkypine soup" out of pine cones, sand, and stones. Maybe that is why he (11 yrs old) is so good at cooking. Times change and playing house like I did isn't what our daughters do anymore.

I loved that little cabinet and never stopped. I think of those days long gone and get a warm feeling. I still have my best Christmas present and the cookbook...but not the accessories. I also have the little round table my dad made for me, and I still use it. It's upstairs next to my computer. For many years I would get the table out for my grandchildren to use when they visited. I bought a little chair so they could do their "projects" or eat their lunch at the table. It was just the right size. 

My kitchen cabinet has gone through a lot over the last 64 years. It is down in our basement just waiting for a good cleaning and fresh paint. I'd like to bring it upstairs to be with me again. I have a great spot in my big modern kitchen for this little 1940s kitchen cabinet. Maybe my cats will enjoy using it. Hmmm...

Hope you all have a "Best" Christmas ever!


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