Friday, July 19, 2013

The Chair

My mom and dad retired sometime after March 1969; they moved from a large Victorian house in Mundelein, Illinois up to Pella, Wisconsin -- oh, maybe a population of 100. Of course the house they were moving into was a modest two-bedroom cottage overlooking the Embarrass River. It was a beautiful spot and a nice comfortable little house, but not quite big enough for all their furniture.

They gave away a goodly amount of their furniture to us children, then to relatives, then to friends who picked out what they would like. What was left, I guess, went onto a burning pile. My husband and I hauled my collection of family pieces out of the house as did my siblings with theirs. To me it didn't matter who got the "family" pieces as long as they were still in the family.

My half brother who moved to Montana (later on), received a beautiful chair as one of his pieces. It was one that mom had when Harvey was growing up. I remember the chair always sat next to a beautiful hand-carved table with a Tiffany-style lamp; mom called it her "butterfly" table because the top's grain looked like a butterfly stretching its wings. I really think it was because the slap of wood was cut and butterflied next to one another giving it the "mirror" image side-by-side. Anyway, Harvey has had the chair since the '70s.

(Left) The Pella house overlooking the Embarrass River in Wisconsin. (Right) Dad playing "horsey" with his three-year-old granddaughter. The butterfly table and the chair in background.
Recently Harvey and my sister-in-law were moving to a smaller place and it seemed to be time for them to give some up of their furniture. That's where the chair comes in. Since he knew I always loved the chair, Harvey thought I would like to have it. Brother John was out there to pick some stuff up to bring back to Illinois and Harvey asked him to take the chair to me.

I knew nothing about the chair coming back to Illinois, let alone to my house! When brother John got home from his trip, I got a phone call thinking he would just be telling me about his trip. What a surprise I had when he said Harvey wanted me to have the chair and when did I want to pick it up!

I have to admit, I was a little choked up to hear this. What a wonderful surprise. Sure made my day! I had always liked that chair. It is a cherished piece of furniture and it was one of Mom's favorites.

The chair is in my living room waiting for the perfect spot to reside. As you can see in this picture, it is hand carved and very beautiful. I wish the table were with it, but mom and dad took the table and lamp to Pella with them and a couple years after they settled in there, there was a house fire which totally destroyed the house and all that was in it. 

This chair has a particular maker, but I have no clue by who. I can't find a mark anywhere  The person who reupholstered it told my brother, but he can't recall what the guy said. 

I'm not sure when it will be my turn to give it to one of my children. I don't want to think about it, I just love looking at the chair. For as long as I have it in my care, I'll cherish it.

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