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Aunt Annette Buschick Stapleton: Revisited

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POSTED: Aunt Annette Buschick Stapleton - Monday, April 28, 2014 – it has been quite awhile since my blog post about my aunt Annette Buschick. I have been waiting that long to get a picture of her headstone. Finally my young cousin Kristin, who lives out in California, took the picture and sent it to me; it is now on Find A Grave memorial #158134266. Earlier Kristin had found uncle Cluese's headstone in a military cemetery. I also put his on Find A Grave memorial #3755322. Aunt Annette wasn't buried with him, so we had to find hers and that is why it has taken so long to have both images.
Annette Matilda [Buschick] Stapleton
Woodlawn Cemetery, Santa Monica, California.
Photo by cousin Kristin.
Cluese Isaac Stapleton
Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles, California

Photo by cousin Kristin.
The silliest thing, actually it is more like a "dah!" thing, occurred last weekend. I was looking at the picture I had posted on the first blog about aunt Annette and it dawned on me "Bob" is her son! DAH! Where was my brain? It was so so obvious if I had paid attention to the scope of the family! DAH! 
Back from left: mystery man, aunt Annette Stapleton, Linda, Juanita [Stapleton], and Harry Stockwell, Sr.; front from left: Sharon Stockwell and Bob Stapleton; boy with the doggie is Harry Stockwell, Jr.  (family photo)
As for the handsome young man standing next to my aunt... I still don't know who he is and neither does Annette's great granddaughter! I would suspect this picture was taken in the very early 1950s. I don't think the mystery man can be Annette's husband because Cluese passed away in 1947. Besides mystery man really looks too young to have been born in 1885, but I could be wrong, too.

I really didn't know much about Robert (Bob). I found he had passed away December 21, 2007 and his memorial is on Find A Grave memorial #72889107. Robert was in the Navy during World War II and his father was in World War I. Robert is buried in the San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery, Santa Nella, California.

I found and contacted the owner of an family tree which included the Stapleton family. She sent me a link to Robert's obituary which then lead me to finally know if he had married and had children. Robert and his wife Adele had three children. I know it is a good tree because there is information on it I got from another Stapleton descendent (not on still living in Georgia where Cluese was from.

Robert's sister Jaunita S. and her husband Harry M. Stockwell are buried side-by-side in the Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside, California. The headstone image is on Find A Grave memorial #1225430. All three of their children have also passed away.

So now I have been able to fill in several blanks and I will stop now with this family's history. If I come across more bits and pieces, I will certainly add them. It was good to get as far as I did since I knew all these people when I was much younger. It is good to get reacquainted and finally know what happened to them.

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