Thursday, April 28, 2016

Coffee Drinkers - It's All in the Family

I like and drink my coffee black. 

As far back as I can remember I wanted coffee black. My mom drank hers black -- no sugar, no cream, but occasionally a dollop of vanilla ice cream would find its way into her cup of coffee when we could afford ice cream. I guess I wanted my coffee to be like my mom's. Children often mimic one parent or another. I occasionally put vanilla ice cream in my coffee, too, and think of my mom.

We lived with my grandma, dad's mom, and she would always drink her "milchkaffe" which is what could be known as Boston-style, i. e. more cream or milk then coffee. When I was too young to make my own decisions, grandma would fix me a milchkaffe. I think all children who wanted coffee at a very young age were given this type.

I never liked more milk in my coffee, but grandma insisted. She would say if I drank black coffee, my feet would turn black! I didn't want that to happen, so I drank what she fixed.

I swore to myself when I was old enough to make my own coffee, I was GOING TO DRINK IT BLACK! And I have done just that, except when it comes to "instant" coffee. Then I have to put a little bit of sugar in it. I think that stems from the 1950s instant type; it was horrible. It was best to stay away from it. Sugar was my salvation when someone would offer me a cup of instant. Now the instant coffee is much better, but I still put a bit of sugar in it out of habit.

My dad drank is coffee with sugar. Well, actually he drank my mom's coffee with sugar. He didn't like the way she made it. I guess it was too weak. He liked strong coffee. I like strong coffee. He would drink the coffee black which I would make.

My husband, Bob, now drinks his coffee black. I got him to switch, no calories added with black coffee. He sometimes falls back on his old "just cream" habit, but not often. 

Both he and I love the coffee we get in Germany. The only problem with ordering coffee in have to pay for a refill! Their coffee is dark and rich, but not really bitter. Try duplicating that particular taste here in Illinois. The closest I've come has been Whole Foods' Pleasant Morning Buzz and another is Tim Horton's. Even their decaf is good.

My son and daughter drink their coffee with sugar and artificial creamer. That's how their father and his mother drank theirs. 

I haven't noticed which way my grandchildren drink their coffee (if they do at all). I just hope at least one of the three will take after me!

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